Our 2018 January Call-Back Camp for Brass and Percussion has begun! 

As things heat up this weekend here in Rosemont, we're launching our BOOST Program to build up our 2018 Brass, Color Guard, and Percussion Scholarships.

The Drum Corps activity can be an expensive proposition for our students. That’s why we’ve launched the Boost Program to build our BrassColor Guard, and Percussion Scholarship Funds for 2018, The Cavaliers’ 70th Anniversary Year!

BOOST is simple. 

100 individual tax-deductible options in small amounts ranging from $1 up to $100. 

You pick the total amount that’s right for your budget, and we’ll apply that contribution to our Brass, Color Guard, or Percussion Scholarship Fund. 

It’s that easy, and every single dollar raised goes directly toward helping our students.

***For this weekend's BOOST Scholarship donors, The Cavaliers are amping up our commitment to you with INSIDE ACCESS, starting with exclusive FB Live sessions all weekend long showcasing the 2018 Cavaliers. 

Brass. Percussion. 2018 Teasers. January Camp Showcase...You won’t want to miss it!***

If you would like to donate an amount above $100 (THANK YOU!), please head to to make your tax-deductible scholarship gift.