The Cavaliers are proud to announce the development of Midwest Connection, a community drum corps project serving the greater Chicagoland area.

Building from the foundation and direction established by the Classic Cavaliers, Midwest Connection’s charge is to bring together the local community of drum corps alumni and enthusiasts through a fun, challenging, and low-cost experience that builds on the area's rich drum corps history and the organization's award-winning family of programs and ensembles.

The program’s key objectives include serving a diverse set of adults, both male and female; lowering financial and time commitment barriers; growing the membership with fun repertoire and performance opportunities in an educational setting; increasing the impact and visibility in Rosemont and the greater Chicagoland community; and continuing to serve as a productive fundraising ensemble for The Cavaliers.

"Midwest Connection is about deepening our link to each other and the community, and we’re going to do that against the backdrop of great drum corps repertoire," said Chris Lugo, Executive Director of The Cavaliers.

"This program will come to life through an emphasis on music in the parade and concert band setting, with guest music directors, 'greatest hits' repertoire, unique performance opportunities, small ensemble offshoots, and collaborations with The Cavaliers’ family of programs will be front and center."

"The legacy and value of the Classic Cavaliers has been of immense value to the entire Cavalier organization over the years," said Chris Hartowicz, President of the Board of Directors. 

"The bonds that have been formed with the members of The Cavaliers have forever tied the generations of our fraternity together.  Now, we're excited for the future of the Midwest Connection building on the strong tradition built by the Classics!" 

Bob Rada will serve as Director for Midwest Connection and is enthusiastic about the new possibilities. "The leadership team is chomping at the bit to get Midwest Connection off the ground! From parades to concert band settings, we've got lots of great opportunities planned for this ensemble that are all centered around celebrating the drum corps activity together. We can't wait to share more as the planning process continues!"  

With the unanimous support of The Cavaliers’ Board of Directors and executive leadership, the organization is proud to officially welcome Midwest Connection to the Cavalier Family! 

MIDWEST to focus on the area of the country rich in drum corps history, tradition, and excellence––home to The Cavaliers and so many iconic groups and alumni. CONNECTION to focus on connecting the dots between The Cavaliers organization, the drum corps community, our performers, and the local Chicagoland community.

COMMUNITY DRUM CORPS PROJECT to focus on celebrating the activity together in a fun, inclusive, and low-cost way. 


Who can participate in Midwest Connection?
> This program is open to all adults, both male and female, over the age of 18 with strong interest in celebrating and performing great drum corps music!

What kind of music will Midwest Connection play?
> MC will be performing a variety of well-known contemporary band and drum corps repertoire.

Will Midwest Connection be a fundraising ensemble for The Cavaliers?
> Yes! Central to Midwest Connection’s objective is continuing to provide “cash-positive” revenues to the parent organization. This will primarily be accomplished through paid performance opportunities like parades.

How often are rehearsals and where are they held?
> Midwest Connection will hold regular evening rehearsals in Rosemont, Illinois at Cavalier Hall, the organization’s primary office location near Allstate Arena. Exact rehearsal requirements may vary by section. MC’s leadership will share a detailed rehearsal and performance schedule.

How can I get involved with Midwest Connection?
> Getting involved is simple! Just send Bob Rada an email at to inquire about membership and participation!


Founded in 1948 from Boy Scout Troop 111, The Cavaliers are one of the most successful drum and bugle corps in history, winning 20 national championships, including seven Drum Corps International world championships since 1992.

The Cavaliers provide a variety of educational and performance programs for young people, including GearWORKS, Cavaliers Indoor Percussion, Chromium Winds, Crystal Lake Thunder, and Midwest Connection. The organization delivers life-changing experiences that go beyond music and performing arts to build personal accountability, excellence, teamwork, and camaraderie.

The Cavaliers Drum & Bugle Corps is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization sponsored by The Village of Rosemont, Illinois.