All staff and volunteers involved with The Cavaliers, Inc., any performing ensembles, or educational clinics must complete a background check through our vendor, One Source. 

  • ALL staff will have their background check completed as part of the on-boarding process.
  • ALL volunteers with The Cavaliers (or any of our student programs) MUST pay for and complete a background check through our vendor One Source prior to volunteering.


As part of The Cavaliers' internal developments and improvements, ALL volunteers who serve The Cavaliers (or any of our student programs) MUST pay for and complete a background check through our vendor One Source prior to volunteering.

Once completed, volunteer background checks will then be required every two years. The Cavaliers will keep records to notify you when your next background check is due for completion.

The safety and well-being of our students is a top priority for The Cavaliers and the entire organization. We trust that you agree and recognize the importance of background checks as we look to serve our mission and our students even better.

Here are the instructions for completing your One Source background check for The Cavaliers:

1. CLICK HERE to submit your background check request and the associated $20.00 payment paid directly to OneSource.

2. Enter your basic information including Full Legal Name, Address, Social Security Number, Date of Birth, Phone Number, and Email Address >> Click "NEXT" Button.

3. On following page, find General Release line and click "SEND SIGNATURE EMAIL." This will send you a release form to sign electronically to the email account you provided on the previous page.

4. Open and digitally sign the release form via email, then select "I AGREE" at the bottom of the One Source page and click "ENTER ORDER."

5. On the Payment page, click on the PayPal logo to submit your $20.00 payment. You will see a window/tab open that will prompt you to pay via PayPal account OR by credit/debit card (located under PayPal option).

6. Submit're finished!

Typical background checks take 2-3 business days. The Cavaliers will notify you once the background check is complete. Note that we require a successful background check prior to volunteer service with any of our student programs. No exceptions.

Please let us know if you have any questions about the background check, and thank you for your dedication to The Cavaliers!



Fair Credit Reporting Act Notice: Information contained herein should not be the sole determiner in the evaluation of this individual. (Human error in compiling this information is possible.) All other factors, references and current situations should be considered. The information in this report is derived from records in accordance with the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA, Public Law 91-508, Title VI) this information may only be used to verify statements made by the individual for insurance or employment purposes or in connection with other business. ONE SOURCE requires end users of these reports to have a signed authorization form. Further more, end users will abide by their obligations and remain in compliance of the FCRA. Criminal record searches are conducted using name & date of birth. Social security numbers are not used in criminal searches, unless noted. Not all counties/states report back 7 years.

ONE SOURCE does not verify that social security numbers are accurate or issued to the applicant, unless specifically ordered by the client with additional consent from the applicant. Applicant Verification searches with SSN's reported as Unable to Validate are either not valid or were issued after June 2011.

ONE SOURCE does not guarantee the accuracy of this or any other report. The sources of criminal records are maintained by fallible human sources and can contain incorrect or partial information. As errors can occur all candidates are provided basic rights by the FCRA. A summary of those rights can be found below in a link titled "FCRA Rights" (A copy of these rights can also be found on our website at All purchasers, end users and subscribers are required to notify a candidate if they make an adverse decision based whole or in part upon information contained within the report. All pre-adverse and adverse notification letters are provided to you at no cost in the links below.

Statewide Criminal - As several states make automated county searches available, which include all counties in the state, One Source desires to include that additional information for our clients. One Source will only utilize a statewide system if it consistently meets the exact same requirements that we utilize for a single county search. All counties in the state are required to use the system equally in terms of types of records recorded for a MINIMUM seven (7) years. One Source does not substitute database, state patrol or other types of record searches for Statewide Criminal. Statewide Criminal is ALWAYS county criminal from every county in the state.

One Source will report back as far as the county allows unless there are state, client, court, vendor or legal restrictions. Seven (7) years minimum is the industry standard.

Global Watch - This search involves accessing a variety of federal, state, and industry sanctions lists or Terrorist Watch Lists. Additional sanctions and watch lists are added as U.S. or foreign governments and international organizations release them. These lists include:

1. OFAC Specially Designated nationals (SDN) & Blocked Persons, Sanctioned Countries

2. OFAC Sanctioned Countries, including Major Cities and Ports*

3. Non-Cooperative Countries and Territories*

4. Department of State Trade Control (DTC) Debarred Parties

5. U.S. Bureau of Industry & Security (Formerly BXA)- a. Unverified Entities List, b. Denied entities list, c. Denied Persons List

6. FBI Most Wanted Terrorists & Seeking Information, Top 10 Most Wanted

7. INTERPOL Most Wanted List

8. Bank of England, OSFI Canadian, United Nations Sanctions List

9. Politically Exposed Persons List

10. European Union Terrorism List

11. World Bank Ineligible Firms

*Lists notated with an asterisk (*) indicate a geographic-based sanctions list. Additional sanctions and watch lists are added as U.S. or foreign governments and international organizations release them.

National Sex Offender Registry - includes Sex Offender Registration Information from all 50 States, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico and Guam.