Chromium Winds made its inaugural premiere this past weekend in Dayton, OH!  Coming in hot with an impact, taking over the Snapchat, and making some noise, the CW cast laid down the foundation for this new member of The Cavalier family to really build something within the 3 year-old WGI Winds division.

In Prelims at the WGI Dayton Regional, Chromium Winds competed in the Independent Open Class debuting their 2017 program "Voices in my Head" and scored 69.05. By Finals, CW ended the weekend with a score of 70.40.

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In preparation for the BIG weekend and debut, we interviewed a couple members from Chromium Winds to get a CHRONICLE of their journey towards the Dayton Regional and the rest of the season.


Nora Carr, Inaugural member, Flute

An overview of the season thus far (Audition to Dayton)

My experience with Chromium winds has been unlike anything I've ever done before: to be completely honest we're still developing everything, but the show is definitely coming along and it'll be really cool once we have it all on the floor. 

What's the show and what's your role/character?

The show is called "Voices in my Head:" it explores the many facets of our personality and their respective 'voices,' followed by a gradual descent into insanity. I see my role as kind of a catalyst: for instance one of the parts I play is representative of whispers in the back of your mind.

How are you feeling about the Dayton Regional?

I'm very excited: I think it'll be a great experience, and I can't wait to show our program to the world!

Michael Rizzo, Inaugural member, Trumpet

An overview of the season thus far (Audition to Dayton)

Thus far my season has been great. All the members and staff are amazing people and it's fun and exciting to do.

What's the show and what's your role/character?

The show is entitled Voices in My Head. It starts off as if you are ok but starting to lose it due to the voices, then as the show progresses we basically just go crazy and erratic behavior. In the show I see myself as the person hearing the voices in my head and as a performer I try to show that emotion and actions as we do body movements and other things.

How are you feeling about the Dayton Regional?

I'm a little nervous about this weekend just because I'm new and don't really know everyone so much. Other then that I can't wait until we perform.

Let's Talk About The Regional

How was the weekend?

It was a very unique experience. From a technical standpoint it was very different from any other competition I've been to, but it was also really fun. - NC
The weekend of the competition was great. It was an amazing experience. It was fun hanging out with all the rest of the members and staff during free time. All the hard work during rehearsals pays off when it comes to competition days, I can't wait until the next competitions. - MR

Anything unexpected?

I don't think anything greatly surprised me. - NC
I really didn't expect much other then I knew we would throw down when it came to the performance and that's what we did at finals. - MR

What's next?

We're working really hard to get the entire show on the floor, and we should be ready to perform it at all of our other competitions. - NC
What's next are the rehearsals and practicing on my own. Also putting the rest of our music on the floor and fine tune the things we've done so it's better for next time. - MR

Next stop for Chromium Winds:

Exhibition at Bativia HS for MWCGC

About Chromium Winds

Chromium Winds (CW) is the Independent Winds ensemble representing The Cavaliers based out of Rosemont, Ill. Participating in the Winter Guard International (WGI) Winds circuit, CW will offer young male and female performers a competitive performance outlet in the Chicagoland area that builds on the style, creativity, and excellence of The Cavaliers' award-winning programs and ensembles.

About The Cavaliers

Founded in 1948 from Boy Scout Troop 111, The Cavaliers are one of the most successful drum and bugle corps in history, winning 20 national championships, including seven Drum Corps International world championships since 1992.

The Cavaliers provide a variety of educational and performance programs for young people, including GearWORKS, Cavaliers Indoor Percussion, and Chromium Winds. The organization delivers life-changing experiences that go beyond music and performing arts to build personal accountability, excellence, teamwork, and camaraderie.

The Cavaliers Drum & Bugle Corps is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization sponsored by The Village of Rosemont, Illinois.