Trumpet, Inaugural member

Hometown: Naperville, IL

School: Naperville Central High School/Junior

Hobbies: I'm really into music. I've been playing Piano for about 13 years, the French Horn for about 7 years, the Guitar for 3 years, the Drums for 1 year, and the Trumpet for 2 years. Music has always been a part of my life and I hope it always will be, as I find practicing to be fun rather than work. I also enjoy sports as well. I'm on my school Track Team and I used to play Basketball and Volleyball, but now I just play them for fun with friends. 

What advice would you give to someone who is interested in joining Chromium Winds?

With Chromium Winds just beginning it's first year, auditions weren't as competitive as CIP or The Cavaliers. However, that doesn't mean someone can come completely unprepared for auditions and expect to make it. You're told what to bring and come prepared with, and if you follow those instructions and come ready to learn, there won't be anything to worry about. Chromium, just like the other groups run by The Cavaliers, is heavy on choreography and acting as much as it is on music, so be prepared to learn challenging choreography at a quick pace along with the music. Although the first year wasn't as competitive as older groups, next year and the years to follow will be extremely competitive based on the success we're achieving.