Snare, 1st year member

Hometown: Hoffman Estates, IL

School: Northern Illinois University/Sophomore

Hobbies: Besides drums, I enjoy rock climbing and playing video games. I also find myself practicing card tricks from time to time.

2017 - Front Ensemble; Cavaliers Indoor Percussion

2018 - Front Ensemble; Cavaliers Indoor Percussion

2019 - Snare; Crystal Lake Thunder

What advice would you give to someone who is interested in joining Cavaliers Indoor Percussion or Crystal Lake Thunder?

[Fearlessness.] The hardest part is walking in the door. Step one is saying "I will audition" and actually auditioning. From there it is all about focus; putting your best foot forward, soaking in information, and regurgitating it back out. Fearlessness is on the list of having what it takes. It is important to be able to do things outside of the comfort zone, and gradually expanding that comfort zone, so that more and more things become second nature.