Michelle Morales has been apart of the color guard activity for the past 12 years. Her marching/teaching experience has been at John A. Ferguson High, Braddock Independent World and Relentless World. Film Making has always been a second passion for Michelle. In 2016, she graduated with her Bachelors in Film Production. 

Morales has a wide range of Video Production experience. She most recently shot and assisted a feature documentary in Thailand about the Elephants and animal cruelty. She traveled the country for one month on the hunt to expose the animal entertainment industry. Michelle also has her own production company where she produces content for Relentless World, Braddock Independent World and varies SFWGA and WGI programs. 

Morales likes to watch movies and dance on her down time. She also is a horseback rider on English, Paso Fino and Western Saddle. She is also the Logistical Director of Relentless World and focuses on the behind the scenes of the organization. Michelle recently has picked up weekly vlogging and likes post on her Youtube channel content that is positive, fun and entertaining. Her goal with the vlog is to help continue exposure of the arts to main stream media.