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Kyle Miller has served as a percussion instructor and designer for various music programs in Michigan for over a decade. He currently serves as the Program Coordinator for the Farmington United Percussion Ensemble in Farmington Hills, Michigan. Kyle is also endorsed as an Innovative Percussion Featured Artist - Percussion Educator.

An interesting fact about Kyle is that, through his journey as a performer, he has spent a marching season on every drum in a standard five person bassline. This journey began with the Michigan State University Drumline (2007 - 2010) where he learned very quickly that he was not “all that” like he thought he was in high school. He then became involved in the WGI activity, marching with the NorthCoast Academy Percussion Ensemble (2009) and representing the Dynasty Corporation at the 2009 Indoor Percussion Europe Finals in Belgium. This journey was concluded by marching with The Cavaliers Drum & Bugle Corps (2009 - 2011). While at The Cavaliers he represented the Yamaha Corporation at the 25th National Cultural Festival (2010) in Japan and served as the Drum Sergeant for the 2011 Cavaliers Drumline; recipients of the Fred Sanford Award for Best Percussion Section in Drum Corps International.

Kyle is a graduate of Michigan State University with a degree in Accounting & Information Systems, specializing in Information Technology. By day he is a Cybersecurity Consulting Manager, leading elite groups of cybersecurity professionals and ethical hackers; helping organizations identify and fix vulnerabilities in their information systems before malicious evildoers have an opportunity to exploit them. When he is not working or teaching you may find him running the streets of Detroit, hiking mountains, or getting schooled in racquetball by the elderly.