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Kevin LeBoeuf {La-buff} is honored and excited to oversee The Cavaliers' Brass caption for his second year with the organization.

LeBoeuf previously served on the Carolina Crown brass staff for three years, and performed as a member the four-years prior. During his time at Crown, he served as horn sergeant for two years, was a part of 5 Jim Ott high brass awards, won brass member of the year in 2013, and corps member of the year in 2014.

Kevin’s undergraduate degree is from Rutgers University, completing his degree in 2014 in music education. While at Rutgers, he studied Euphonium under Dr. Stephen Allen, who started LeBoeuf’s interest in British Brass Band performance and literature. LeBoeuf continued on to complete his graduate degree in wind-band conducting, under the instruction of Dr. Travis Cross at the University of California, Los Angeles. Outside of Drum Corps, LeBoeuf balances a career split between New York, Los Angeles, and Japan.

He serves as the brass caption head for the Aimachi marching band in Handa, Japan. In 2017 LeBoeuf started the first marching brass clinic in Nagoya Japan, drawing over 150 participants in its first year. In 2016 he served as brass caption head for Aimachi Winds, winning their first WGI gold medal in the organization’s history.

In Los Angeles, LeBoeuf begins his fifth year teaching the UCLA marching band under the direction of Gordon Henderson, and performing as a freelance commercial instrumentalist. In addition to music instruction, LeBoeuf started his own live sound business in 2014, “Central Jersey Sound,” and is a part owner of “Gabriel Sound LLC.” Both companies purpose is to provide professional installation, repair, rental, and consultation for all things sound. Kevin is also a traveling wedding DJ, church music director, and a spoken-word recording artist.

When not traveling, teaching, or working, LeBoeuf can be found refinishing homes, playing guitar at bluegrass jams in Brooklyn, NY, fishing in the Adirondacks, or longingly gazing into dog adoption center windows.