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Carly McClendon is a native from Johnson City, TN. There she teaches at high schools in her area within the realm of visual, music and advising programs.

McClendon is the principal Bass Trombone player at her university,  East Tennessee State University, and is one of the trombone section leaders as well. 

Ms. McClendon loves drum corps and this will be her 4th summer of corps on the road. During those the past 3 years, she has not only played euphonium and contra but was also a conductor.

McClendon also loves martial arts and has earned a 4th degree black belt in Taekwondo over 12 years of training and now teaches martial arts in her hometown as a leading instructor. 

Fun facts: She absolutely love Disney, music, dogs, cats and animals and is also very active in missions in Haiti with The House of Hope which is an orphanage for girls.