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Anju Kinoshita, is a junior majoring in Global Studies at Akita International University in Japan. She completed a one-year exchange/study abroad program at George Mason University in the 2019 spring semester. Kinoshita has been interested in Education through differing branches of the marching arts, such as marching band, drum corps, indoor percussion and color guard.

After her involvement in a marching band club for five years at Yame Gakuin Middle and High School in Japan, Kinoshita pursued a further career within Drum Corps International in the United States as a performer. She performed with The Colts in 2016 and Phantom Regiment in 2017, and was a World Championship Semi-Finalist and Finalist with each corps respectively. Recently, Kinoshita joined in George Mason University Winter Guard as a cast member in 2019. George Mason University Winter Guard earned first place with a score of 99.00 in Winter Guard International, Independent Open Class.

As a color guard instructor, she instructed Yame Gakuin Middle and High School in 2016 and 2017 as a choreographer and technician, and recently worked as a technician at South County High School for their 2019 season.

Academically, Kinoshita seeks to explore what defines “better education” through Intercultural, Arts and Psychological lenses. After studying cultural differences and international affairs at Akita International University with an artistic activity background, she became interested in pursuing a degree for Arts in Education and Arts management. For the future generation in a more diverse and rapid-change world, Kinoshita believes people need to step forward to change the education system. She is thrilled to support cast members in The Cavaliers 2019 season.