FUNDRAISING OVERVIEW (All updated for the 2017 season)

When you accept a position as a member of The Cavaliers, you agree to the financial obligations associated with that membership. Bottom line - there is no easy way to pay for drum corps. There are numerous ways to raise money, but they all require some effort.  The more you do, the more you increase the odds of getting the money you need.

On this page you will find several suggestions and techniques which can be used to raise money, and each approach can work if you put in serious effort..

Be genuinely appreciative of any money you do get and express that appreciation to your donor.

-- Overview Document


The Corps Raffle is a mandatory fundraising effort.  7 tickets at $50 each are included in your dues.  When you sell these 7 tickets you keep the proceeds, and this offsets the $350 in your dues.

If you sell more than 7 Raffle Tickets then 25% of the additional sales is applied to your dues.

Example: Sell 11 raffle tickets
        First 7 tickets = $350
        Four extra ticket sales = $50 to your dues

To get extra raffle tickets please write to


A sponsorship is a direct contribution which is 100% applied toward an individual Member’s Dues, per the contributor's instructions.  Sponsorship contributions are NOT tax-deductable, per IRS regulations.

Contributions should funnel directly through the Corps via a check to the Cavalier Office or online transaction at

  --  Member Assistance Flyer

  --  Donor List Template

  --  Sponsorship Letter

  --  Donation Receipt


The Financial Assistance Scholarship is designed to help those Members who are in need of additional financial support. Due to limited scholarship funds, there is no guarantee that your request will be granted. 

As a Member of The Cavaliers, you are responsible for satisfying your financial obligation by the established deadlines.

Complete the online Financial Assistance Scholarship Application and submit along with two (2) letters of recommendation by Wednesday March 1,2017 for consideration.

Awards will be distributed shortly after the application deadline and are contingent upon 1) Member completely satisfying their financial obligation by the established deadlines; and 2) Member completing The Cavaliers' full season. 

Please contact for questions about the Financial Assistance Scholarship or if you have any challenges submitting your application.

Application Deadline: TBD 2018
-- Online Application Form