Front Ensemble, 1st year member

Hometown: Scottsburg, IN

School: Majoring in Industrial Engineering at Purdue University West Lafayette

Hobbies: I'm a pretty textbook nerd. There's band and engineering, but I also tinker with Nerf and play card games and correct written grammar and write code and I have glasses and more recently allergies and nosebleeds. I think I've exhausted all the traits of the stereotype. . . I'm still cool though. 

What advice would you give to someone who is interested in joining Cavaliers Indoor Percussion?

Once you've learned how to play eighth notes, the best way to get better at your instrument is through auditions. The more time you put into learning the packet, the better critique the staff will be able to give. Obsess over the details, and strive to improve with each note. I'd be a lot better for it if I'd learned that lesson sooner.